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Blair Phillips' Signature Collections for 2015 begin at just $3950. For more information about availability and Collection details, contact us and schedule an consult.

Why Blair?

Take a handful of dirt and a handful of gold. While both may be similar in weight, one has far more value. Just because you buy a nice camera doesn't make you a professional photographer.

We have spent the last eight years traveling the country and training with some of the best wedding photographers in the world. With our mix of eclectic locations, fashion-forward posing and element of couture lighting, there is only one Blair Phillips Photography.

You can't understand the full meaning of what Blair Phillips Photography really is until you swing by the studio for a consult. You wouldn't meet the designer of your bridal gown at a coffee shop to try on your dress, so your photographer should be no different! During the consult, we won't even bother with the stuffy, formal meeting stuff where we read from checklists and ask a bunch of corny quesitons. We want you to want us to photograph your wedding as much as we want to! So, throw the whole high pressure thing out the window. If it feels right, then you will know it.