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From Blair & Suzanne

We aren't your typcial wedding photographers so leave the idea of polyester leisure suits at home! She knows where I am going and I know where she is going. It's crazy, but sometimes we even know what each other is thinking but that's what ten years of happy marriage, several hundred weddings and working 60+ hours each week together will get you! Even after photographing hundreds of weddings, we still get butterflies in our stomachs before each event. It's a one time shot....and we take it very seriously.

We offer a mix of eclectic and elegance with our unique images and when it comes to posing, we've gotcha covered. I'm not afraid to put myself out on front street for the sake of nailing the perfect pose. With Suzanne's femine instincts, the warm, fun and emotional candid images are in the bag. Whether you are getting married in the uptown Charlotte, in a traditional church or even a parking lot, it is our job to make your wedding like no other. To put it plain and simple, we make it happen like no one else with a Blair Phillips Photography seal of approval.